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Storm Damage Restoration and Insurance Claims

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Wind or Hail Damage:

Two of the most common forms of exterior storm damage are hail and wind. While each are destructive in different ways, both can be very harmful.

Hail can leave dents in metal vents and gutters, while larger hail can knock granules off of shingles, and damage the integrity of the shingle, fracturing the fiberglass mat underneath.

Severe wind, when at the right angle, can cause the adhesive strip on the shingle to fail, causing it to pull loose. It can also cause the shingle to pull through the nail tacking it down and result in a tear.

These roof damages from hail and wind might not be entirely evident at first, allowing the elements to do harm to the roof for extended periods of time before they are noticed and fixed.

Recent Storm and Wind Damage to your Louisville Area Home or Business?

Our knowledgeable team can inspect your home or business for damage. We will even work with your insurance.

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Why you need to Work with a Restoration Expert

Enterprise Home Improvements has worked with insurance companies to repair hundreds of homes and buildings after damaging storms that include hail and damage. Whether you own a single-family or multifamily home, our focus is to make the insurance and restoration process straightforward and stress-free for you.

Repairing Your Roof and Gutters

Because hail or wind damage can void most manufacturers’ warranties.  It’s important to have your roof assessed before leaks form. Gutters are often damaged at the same time, so it's the perfect time to replace both. We are happy to work with your insurance company and help you build a professional roof and gutters insurance claim.

Repairing Your Siding

The severity of storm damage to your siding depends on the size of the hail and the speed of the wind. Wind driven hail can cause vinyl siding to crack and can chip paint from metal, wood, and fiber-cement siding products. This is not just an eyesore. It can also leave the siding material exposed to moisture which can lead to premature aging. It is important after severe weather in order to spot potential problems.

Repairing Your Windows

Storm damage can affect not just the look of your windows, but also their ability to regulate the temperature of your home. Enterprise can help you find replacements that have even greater energy efficiency. We only install the highest quality windows for your home, and we partner with the best name in the business, Provia Our experts can help you and we’ll work with your insurance company to see that you get the windows you need.

Insurance Claims: We're There For Every Step

For your project you’ll have a dedicated specialist who will be available during the process to answer your questions. Your Enterprise Home representative can even meet your insurance company’s adjuster at your property on the day of your scheduled inspection to ensure all property damage is accounted for. We are happy to continue to work with your insurance company and be a resource for you throughout the claims process. We care about your loss and want to keep your stress level to a minimum.


Enterprise Home improvements is proud to serve a large portion of the Kentuckiana region. We service the Louisville metro area, all the way to Elizabethtown, Lexington, Richmond, Southern Indiana, and parts of Northern Ky. If you have a question about our service area, please contact us today.

Recent Storm and Wind Damage to your Louisville Area Home or Business?

Our knowledgeable team can inspect your home or business for damage. We will even work with your insurance.

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